George Leith helps marketing agencies and media companies transform into digital sales experts.

George Leith is the Chief Revenue Officer of Vendasta, an award-winning platform that helps agencies and media companies sell digital marketing solutions to businesses. With a track record of success in media promotion and marketing that spans three decades, he is driven to show the world that businesses can transform their sales and marketing in the digital era.

George is a visionary that gets results. Doubling revenue year-over-year and optimizing revenue growth models, George leads marketing and sales strategies through to impeccable execution. He is the leading trainer in the digital marketing space and has pioneered a vision that gives media companies and agencies the tools that allow their SMB clients to survive and thrive.

George knows that selling digital to local businesses isn’t easy. Prospecting is a chore, educating SMBs on the value of digital is an uphill battle, and scaling can seem like a complex math equation. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people across North Americas in conferences and through seminars, helping businesses overcome these difficulties. His dedication to educating others about digital marketing and sales solutions led him to launch Conquer Local. The podcast is the accessible landing point for George’s wealth of sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise. For more information on Conquer Local and to book George for your next event, contact Brooke Shutiak at For media requests, contact

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Testimonials of George’s Presentations

Candy Garmon, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

George gave an amazing seminar to us at that showed how to clearly explain how a company's online brand impacts their overall sales funnel. I used his company's reputation technology and information and was able to save three accounts by virtue of the fact that it was easy to explain, the data on his reporting website supported it, and I was able to tie in the clients own personal experiences. Bravo and thanks for making it easier to manage an otherwise overwhelming online world and for helping us do a better job to help our advertising clients!

Misty Mendicino, Sales Manager

Getting connected and partnering with George was just what our company needed. He understands the marketplace and gives excellent advice.George has the passion, the vision, and the persistence to necessary for business partners to succeed. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with George will truly appreciate business intelligence skills. I highly recommend partnering with George at Vendasta.

David Little, SVP Sales, Comporium Communications

We could not have been more pleased with the turnout and the results of our Digital Marketing Seminar! Vendasta dazzled our sales team and our clients with their knowledge and expertise in the areas of social marketing, online presence and the importance of managing your Virtual Doorway. Once the seminar was over we had customers asking ‘What are the next steps to managing my Virtual Doorway?!’

Darren Haimer, GM & VP of Advertising, The Bradenton Herald

"Clients walk away from sessions with George Leith ready to sign up. Our advertising staff walks away motivated and brimming with new ideas. I would highly recommend George as an expert in the rapidly changing digital space. His presentations are reflecting the lighting speed changes of the digital world. He effectively communicates the necessity of online reputation management and the importance of customer excellence being the “virtual doorway” of any business. George is a highly qualified and energetic professional and has contributed greatly to the growth of our multi-media marketing consultants. We are proud to partner with George and fortunate to offer our customers essential digital solutions powered by Vendasta...

Anonymous, Hebard Insurance

"I want to compliment you on the seminar. It was well presented, very stimulating and informative — one of the best I’ve attended. The subjects covered during the event came at an opportune time because I’m ready to do something, but I don’t know where to start. "

Testimonials of George’s Presentations