Born in the small town of Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada, George is building a global brand as an entrepreneur, high performance sales and business coach, thought leader and keynote speaker. From the smallest prairie town to an international thought leader, there is nothing classified as “impossible” for George. With the mission of “If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough,” those of us watching George’s success can’t anticipate what will be next.

George builds. Leads. Transforms.

Building sales organizations and transforming them into powerful influencers, George Leith is known internationally as the sales leader organizations desperately need. His time is in constant demand, as his ability to transfer knowledge through provocative presentations is unparalleled. Continually striving for betterment within himself, George challenges assumptions and pushes his teams to extreme measures of excellence. Doubling revenue year over year and optimizing revenue growth models, George leads marketing strategy through to impeccable execution. He is the leading trainer in the digital marketing space, and has pioneered metamorphic territory, salvaging large media organizations through to the shop on the corner.

With three decades of experience in marketing, sales and promotion, George’s expertise is palpable. A prolific public speaker, George is highly in demand for his insights into digital marketing transformation and online presence. His keynotes and seminars have been reported on by media giants like the Miami Herald, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Raleigh News and Observer, IHeart Media, FOX, CBS , NBC, and other major media outlets. His keynote speaking events over the past 10 years have included the RAB, NAB, VendastaCon, LSA, SIINDA, LMA conferences and many more, often sharing the stage with Google, Facebook and others disrupting the digital space.

Vital content and emphatic delivery are combined for an enlightening presentation. Outside of his international speaking engagements at places like Google UK and Copenhagen, George has presented to tens of thousands of business people across North America. His sales training sessions draw hundreds of attendees across various verticals including radio, TV and newspapers. From left to right, top to bottom, George has spoken in markets like Las Vegas, Sarasota, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto, Tampa, New Orleans, Fort Worth and others. [you have a ton of testimonials, you should have a testimonials page and link to it here]

VP Sales, Vendasta

As VP of Sales at Vendasta, George helps organizations harness the power of the internet, mobile, social and local media to increase digital revenue, grow audience and enhance online brand presence. Having made the transition from paper to digital himself, George understands the plight of organizations. He’s worked with the small pizza joints to media giants, emphasizing innovative, scalable solutions. George has worked with leaders of industry in media—McClatchy Co, Propel Marketing, BH Media, NAB, WorldNow, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, Beasley Broadcast and others. Their traditional advertising sale is under attack and they need to adapt and learn new skills to adopt the cutting edge technology. Although many of these companies previously rooted their identity in the traditional sales model, with help from George and Vendasta’s revolutionary technology, they have been able to successfully transition to the digital world.

George’s expertise in sales, training, networking, management and marketing comes from the numerous executive and ownership positions he has held across multiple media and service related businesses. His track record of success with promotions and marketing in media spans almost 30 years.

Be part of what’s next—get George to speak at your next event.

Gary Gannaway, Former CEO WorldNow

In the 14 years of Worldnow, I’ve met a lot of business development folks since my previous background was in television syndication … and what makes George unique is I’ve never met any business development person who showed the acumen to create a business deal like George. It’s more than his honorable and empathetic approach to deal making … George displays the nobility and distinctive aptitude to educate everyone around him to create the maximum value for his partner and the partner’s customers.

Misty Mendicino, Sales Manager

Getting connected and partnering with George was just what our company needed. He understands the marketplace and gives excellent advice.George has the passion, the vision, and the persistence to necessary for business partners to succeed. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with George will truly appreciate business intelligence skills. I highly recommend partnering with George at Vendasta.

David – Director of Corporate Media Sales, Comporium

We could not have been more pleased with the turnout and the results of our Digital Marketing Seminar! Vendasta dazzled our sales team and our clients with their knowledge and expertise in the areas of social marketing, online presence and the importance of managing your Virtual Doorway. Once the seminar was over we had customers asking ‘What are the next steps to managing my Virtual Doorway?!’

Darren – VP of Advertising, The Bradenton Herald

“Clients walk away from sessions with George Leith ready to sign up. Our advertising staff walks away motivated and brimming with new ideas. I would highly recommend George as an expert in the rapidly changing digital space. His presentations are reflecting the lighting speed changes of the digital world. He effectively communicates the necessity of online reputation management and the importance of customer excellence being the “virtual doorway” of any business. George is a highly qualified and energetic professional and has contributed greatly to the growth of our multi-media marketing consultants. We are proud to partner with George and fortunate to offer our customers essential digital solutions powered by Vendasta Technologies.”

Anonymous, Hebard Insurance

“I want to compliment you on the seminar. It was well presented, very stimulating and informative — one of the best I’ve attended. The subjects covered during the event came at an opportune time because I’m ready to do something, but I don’t know where to start. ”

George’s portfolio of customers