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Meet George, a leading trainer in the marketing space who, helps thousands of people adapt their sales and marketing strategies to the digital era.


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With more than 30 years’ experience in sales, George knows a thing or two about transforming a business strategy to suit the current digital market. He excels in helping businesses transform their sales and marketing methods so they can conquer the challenges in today’s digital economy.

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Building sales organizations and transforming them into powerful influencers, George Leith is known internationally as the sales leader organizations need. His time is in constant demand, as his ability to transfer knowledge through provocative presentations is unparalleled. Continually striving for betterment within himself, George challenges assumptions and leads his team to achieve high measures of excellence. Doubling revenue year-over-year and optimizing revenue growth models, George leads marketing strategy to impeccable execution.

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George on Leadership Beyond Borders

George sat down with Kimberli J. Lewis on her podcast "Leadership Beyond Borders" to talk about digital transformations and solution-based selling. If you've faced blockers on your journey to digital, you'll want to check it out. Find the episode on your favourite...

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Business Wire

Propel Marketing invites local businesses to a seminar, Reputation Management for Small Businesses, helping businesses build a five-star reputation. Digital media expert George Leith will offer insight on marketing initiatives and how businesses can embrace technology...

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Reviews & Testimonials

University of Saskatchewan MBA Grad

George was one of, if not the, best guest speaker that I've heard over my entire two-year program. I know I learned a lot, and will try not to forget too much of it as a result of grad-weekend celebrations!

Vern Bachiu

George - Thank you for your energetic and informative presentation at last night’s class. The students ask about real-world perspectives and I know they greatly appreciated the information you presented as well as the high energy with which you delivered it. I appreciate you taking the time to share with the class.

Lynn Robison

WOW! I attended a seminar last night at the Vendasta Office in Saskatoon - well done! George Leith had my attention throughout & I could not take notes fast enough. I was able to implement just ONE small idea from last night's session & BOOM I had an immediate positive outcome!

Shan Simon

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar put on by George. The information was relevant, and concise. He was able to engage his audience, offered great advise and information! I highly recommend taking advantage of any speaking opportunity George and the Vendasta family offers.

Sarah Schiess

Have been to many seminars and left wondering how to get the last 3 hours of my life back. Not this time. George was fantastic and provided useful and practical information that I was able to implement immediately to help my business.

Anna, Chamber of Commerce

Just heard an excellent seminar by George. As a Chamber of Commerce this is a "must attend". Thank you, Bradenton Herald!

Danielle, Custom Communications

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Seminar. I thought it was incredible. So much technology these days, so having to keep up is crucial.

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George has helped tens of thousands of people succeed at selling digital across the world. His seminars are chock-full of sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise. You will leave feeling motivated to take on any challenge in the digital sales and marketing industry.

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