VendAsta Sales Seminar: Recap with Beasley’s Cory Cuddeback

VendAsta’s Sales Seminars are available for all of our partners. Get your sales team selling VendAsta’s white-label reputation management and social media marketing solutions. We put your entire sales team into a room with one of our experienced trainers, like George Leith, and hash out everything they need to know about selling reputation management solutions to SMBs.


12 Travel Rituals to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable

These are the 12 things I wish I would have been told five years ago. They have been paramount to improving my travel experiences and making it way less stressful and more enjoyable. I admit I am an explorer, it’s a part of my DNA. I feel at my best when I am meeting new people and discovering new locations. Some people are not and dread travel but must do it for their careers. Whether you love travel or tolerate it, these rituals will make it better, maybe even amazing. […]




Building sales organizations and transforming them into powerful influencers, George Leith is known internationally as the sales leader organizations desperately need. His time is in constant demand, as his ability to transfer knowledge through provocative presentations is unparalleled. Continually striving for betterment within himself, George challenges assumptions and pushes his teams to extreme measures of excellence. Doubling revenue year over year and optimizing revenue growth models, George leads marketing strategy through to impeccable execution. He is the leading trainer in the digital marketing space, and has pioneered metamorphic territory, salvaging large media organizations through to the shop on the corner.

A prolific public speaker, George is highly in demand for his insights into digital marketing transformation and online presence. His keynotes and seminars have been reported on by media giants like the Miami Herald, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Raleigh News and Observer, IHeart Media, FOX, CBS , NBC, and other major media outlets. His keynote speaking events over the past 10 years have included the RAB, NAB, VendastaCon, LSA, SIINDA, LMA conferences and many more, often sharing the stage with Google, Facebook and others disrupting the digital space.

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Lynn Robison

WOW! I attended a seminar last night at the Vendasta Office in Saskatoon - well done! George Leith had my attention throughout & I could not take notes fast enough. I was able to implement just ONE small idea from last night's session & BOOM I had an immediate positive outcome!

Shan Simon

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar put on by George. The information was relevant, and concise. He was able to engage his audience, offered great advise and information! I highly recommend taking advantage of any speaking opportunity George and the Vendasta family offers.

Sarah Schiess

Have been to many seminars and left wondering how to get the last 3 hours of my life back. Not this time. George was fantastic and provided useful and practical information that I was able to implement immediately to help my business.

Anna, Chamber of Commerce

Just heard an excellent seminar by George. As a Chamber of Commerce this is a "must attend". Thank you, Bradenton Herald!

Danielle, Custom Communications

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Seminar. I thought it was incredible. So much technology these days, so having to keep up is crucial.